Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Need Help to Save Herman!

No, you don't have to donate anything, or e-mail all your friends (I hate those e-mails). My mother has gone with my step-father on an extended visit/vacation for the summer. Won't be home until September. SHE LEFT ME HER (&*()*^&^ ORCHID! Listen, Lola has a brown thumb peeps! I fought against it, but the orchid came home with me and I have named him, Herman.

Herman's beautiful white blooms have fallen off! I looked on-line and I've only watered him once a week. He's growing a new leaf and its beautiful and green. But is Herman supposed to molt? I mean, should I panic about the blooms falling off? He's in indirect sun and I'm careful not to water him inside the leaves, so he won't rot. HELP!

In the meantime, I ignore Herman for the most part. I've been working. Possible new job, mum is the word. It's a secret! Probably find out this week.

Also been to Texas and back to visit my grandmother for her 97th birthday. Can't remember if I've already blogged about that or not. Anyway, I've also been working in the pottery studio. Pictures below are of a chip bowl and salsa bowl set and my first pitcher (with my first handle).


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