Saturday, July 30, 2005


Betty Boop

Betty is making a come back. She is friggin' everywhere! I really like her, but where did this sudden upswing in popularity come from? Strange. But I won't worry until Betty Page leaves pin ups and is sold in Target on jammies.

Today my friend and I went to see a matinee of CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. It wasn't a knock out of the park, but it was well worth the time and money. Love the Oompa Loompas! Hightower as Charlie was wonderful. I've always loved the girls from the old movie, but in this one Mike Teevee steals the show. Jordan Fry is the youngster with the role, and he just did a great job. Depp, is fantastic as always. And as for the return to the book, all I can say is yeah for the squirels (that's not spelled right and I don't care enough to look it up).

I'm loving Netflix. We just watched INUYASHA 2 and it was fun. Shippou made the movie as far as April and I are concerned. The scene where Miroku shows the little fox his hand is hilarious, I won't tell you why (if you watch the show it would spoil the moment and if you don't watch, then it won't make any sense to you). It doesn't change anything in the series, but then it didn't have to do so. I also have MEAN GIRLS. Not a Lohan fan, but I hear it's a funny movie and that's what I wanted next. Next on my list is a YuYu Hakusho disc, if I did it right this one should be right at the end of the Dark Tournament. Following that is a movie called RABBIT PROOF FENCE about Aborigines and the attempts to eradicate their way of life in Australia. Much like we did with the Native Americans with our "schools". Anime, comedy, anime, drama .... hmmm, there's a pattern emerging. Heheheheheehe!

Still playing Xenosaga II, but it's really growing on me now. Finally got past that troublesome Boss. But by beefing up my experience for that one, this last Boss fight was waaaay too easy. Argh!

Anyway, have a great day and God Bless!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Saga Woes and Boss Fights

I'm enjoying playing Xenosaga II, the cut scenes have been really cool thus far. Problem is, I'm not that far into the game! I am fighting my 3rd (I think) Boss fight (the Summerlands in the Sakura Encephalon Dive). And the Boss is kicking my every lovin' a$$. Grumble, grumble ....

BTW. If anyone recalls a previous post I made about being an old maid and how I vowed to resist? Well, it's official. I am unmarried, I love to knit, and I have now been adopted by a cat. The terrible troika, the gruesome threesome, the dreaded triple threat. Nah, whatever.

The cat is a stray with two kittens. She is adorable and very loving, obviously a pet someone kicked out of the house. She was bone thin and starving. However, she comes with two kittens. I'm waiting for the kittens to be weaned then I'm contacting a no-kill society to take those two if I can't find homes for them in the meantime. I've named her Chavela after the character from FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Her coat reminds me of the hair color of the actress in the movie version, and the cat is sooo sweet!

Anyway, gotta run!
God Bless

Saturday, July 23, 2005


Movie Service

I just recently joined Netflix movie service. You know, they send you movies in the mail and you mail them back at no charge. No late fees. I've only seen two movies so far, but my LIST of movies is soooo long! They have a really good selection of Anime and Classics as well as new releases. First I watched HOTEL RWANDA, and don't even get me started on how touching and good that movie is ... and based on a true story. Wow. And Don Cheadle, if for any reason you make it here to this blog, you deserved the Oscar, not just the nomination, cuz you rocked!

Last night I watched THE HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS. My interest was just starting to wane despite gorgeous cinematography and costumes when ... BOOM! Plot twist! Then another and another and oh my goodness is Takeshi Kaneshiro hot or what????? I'd seen him in THE RETURNER, but this was beyond what I expected of a former Taiwanese Pop star. Full credit and oh so veeerrrry HOT. Look him up, trust me!

I watched some of the auditions for American Idol's spin-off "So You Think You Can Dance" or somesuch title. OK. The people could dance got into the next round and had to follow choreography to move on. PLEASE people! You are narrowing the field down to those with experience in dance classes and you are unfairly getting rid of people with natural talent. You should have seen this one Indian hip-hop girl, I'd loved to have seen more. Then there was a primative jazz girl, and she passed which is good since she displayed more raw talent than the Brittany Spears look alike. I will NOT be following this show.

Finally finished Xenosaga I and moved on to Xenosaga II. Character changes. Huh. Chaos is different, Shion has been "babed" up. Ziggy and Jr. are still pretty good, but MOMO just doesn't look right anymore. The battle system takes some getting used to but isn't that bad. And I love the addition of Shion's brother, Jin. KOS-MOS is, well, still cool. I'm sorry that Caanan is an NPC, he looks fun! The game is growing on me, but the sound system is my biggest grievance. The voices sound tinny, or recorded from a distance, especially following battles. It's just not right. Ah well, I'll get through it!

Joined Weight Watchers. In the first week I've lost 3 pounds. YES! Why the sudden need? THE LION IN WINTER. Our community playhouse is doing that show this year and I adore this show!!!!! I'm too short, too round, and too young to play Eleanor. But hope springs eternal. I can't grow, but I can slim down and make-up can make me look older. Doubtful, very doubtful. But I gotta try!

Later y'all! And God Bless!

Monday, July 18, 2005



Okay, YES ... I stood in line at midnight with a good friend (with a face painting of a green Dobey on my cheek and a Griffyndor pin on my blouse) to get the You-Know-What. We went back to my friend's house and began to read. First few pages grabbed me and never let go. Excellent read! One of my favorites in the series thus far. No spoilers to be listed, but I adored page 464, laughed soooo hard. I read until 3 and then crashed, my friend read through 7:30 and then napped for about 45 minutes and then kept going. By the time I left early the next evening, I had finished and she had not. Slow poke! However, she's finally done and we can discuss things at last.

But, while in the store I was burning up. Too many people, hot evening, and I was very, very hot. Cooled off somewhat at my friends house. When I got home I cranked the AC and felt so much better. Except, on Sunday even with the AC cranked I could NOT cool off. The machine is blowing cool air, but the house wasn't cooling. Okay, I thought, really hot day, it will get better tonight. Well, usually I have to turn it off first thing in the morning cuz it cooled down the (small) house so much it would actually be cold. But not this morning, and it was cranked UP! *sigh* I do not do well when I overheat, I get nauseated and dizzy. I called my landlord, who is actually a great guy, and he's promised to look at it today while I'm at work. I hesitated to call first thing since my house is not the cleanest, but I must have AIR!

Later all,
God Bless

Sunday, July 10, 2005



To those of you recovering from the horrific events recently having shook London, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please know that there are many of us who are with you and you have our complete support. Sympathies to all who have been hurt and/or lost anyone in these attacks.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005



You know, you're just going about your life and complaining about all the things bugging you. And then something happens and everything is pulled into sharper focus. My best friend's mother died suddenly and very unexpectedly very early Saturday morning. To say this woman was warm and loving would not be doing her justice. Her laughter was so contangious and she laughed a lot. No, I mean it, she laughed A LOT. The memorial was last night. Just talking to people who knew her far longer and better than I did was so good. Listening to all the wonderful stories just gave me a deeper appreciation for a woman I already loved.

Friday, July 01, 2005


Catching Up!

My apologies for taking so long to update my blog!

News from my lack-luster love life ... ran into someone I used to date while out running errands. Chatted comfortably for a few minutes and then he wondered if we could go out sometime, possibly dinner. I thought to myself, what a nice guy. Okay ... hold those horses back a moment! There was a reason we are no longer together. There were several reasons and at least two "second" chances. The fact that I even considered going out with him again is ... unsettling. Have I turned that "old maid" corner and suddenly fell into the DESPERATE catagory????? When did that happen? NO! I deny thee! I will not get a cat or two or twenty! I will not go out with J------ again! I will remain PICKY!

Okay. I have two friends (at least) trying to set me up with people. I refuse to see that in the same "desperate" catagory. That's simply friends looking out for you. And a young man in Best Buy tried to pick me up the other day. Never mind the fact that I'm probably 16 years too old for him, it was flattering. So I coulda had a date, maybe I should reconsider robbing cradles .... Hmmmm ....

WATCHING: Not watching too much on t.v. right now. I am enjoying THE CLOSER on TNT. And the DRAGONBALL Z re-runs on Cartoon Network are un-cut and un-edited. Having fun watching that while I knit. Still working on baby blankets. Almost done with the gift making process. And then it's all about me. After 8 baby gifts, I am going to make myself a felted bag or two. I deserve them!

READING: Just finished Mary Janice Davidson's UNDEAD AND UNAPPRECIATED. Excellent continuation of the series. At first I was a bit non-plussed with the new direction, with a sister of spurious origins, but kudo's to MJD. Great job. Started a new Manga, PEACH GIRL. Wasn't sure about this one, but thought I'd give it a try. Am really enjoying it so far. Still reading FRUITS BASKET. Was delighted to find out the DVD's only cover the first 8 books and there are 14 in the series. Meaning, I hope, some unanswered questions finally get resolved. Like what member of the Zodiac is Akito? What is the curse? How can it be broken? And who is the final member of the Zodiac? Just waiting to see what happens.

PLAYING: XENOSAGA I. I loved the first one and just bought the second one when I realized, I wasn't sure of the details of the story from the first one. So, I'm re-playing episode I and then will move on to the new one. Finding time is hard, and so it's slow going. But that just makes it all the better, those stolen game playing moments. *happy sigh*

TO DO LIST: Thanks to a great swap with Katmeow, I now have the ESCAFLOWNE series on DVD. When time is availabe, yeah right, I will be watching these babies!

I'm working a lot of PRN right now. Two different skilled nursing facilities. Money is good, but boy am I tired. I'm working the holiday weekend as well, including the 4th. My parents want me to visit them in North Dakota this August (they're on vacation up there until September), but I really don't know if I can get away. My very good friend will be having a baby shower in August and as one of the co-hosts, I have to be there. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

Anyway, gotta get back to work!

Love and God Bless!

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