Thursday, October 27, 2005


It's Been Awhile

It's been a while since I've posted a post. Blogged a blog. Yada yada. BEEN BUSY!

Job is now a little over a month old and all is still going well. Scary.

Mom is back home from vacation and bugging me about being single. Nothing new.

Sirius Radio is fixed and working properly. Better be.

Houston lost the World Series. I can't cry, they did become NL champions for the first time ev---ah! Never forget, there are three B's in baseball. Bagwell, Bigio and Berkman.


My Secret Pal had sent me an absolutely delicious box of goodies. I loved it and then asked her where she got the lip balm (tangerine raspberry) since I just love it so much. SHE MADE IT! I didn't even fathom that it could be homemade. Wow. I am simply blown away. I bow before her creativity and generousity. I love this stuff!

Show is up and reviews are, underwhelming. Okay, my personal review was pretty decent. But for the show it wasn't the best I've ever read. It is not a good idea to show people in the play your personal review was good, but their's lacked a little something. I will be keeping hushed up. Basically, the reviewer didn't like the play or the playwrite much. Oh well. The Spring Hope reviewer actually made a comment over our color-blind casting. There are three sisters in the play, two are played by caucasians and one by an african american. He called it "weird". I call it, "casting the role on merit regardless of race or nationality". I've lost all respect for him basically. On the whole he liked each performance, just not the casting. Tough.

The show's last performances are this weekend. This is the weekend my family and friends are all coming. There's were the REAL reviews lay.

On the needles: Baby blanket. Yes again. Melinda is pregnant now. I'm doing a soft cable motif in light lavender. Very soft material.

Gotta run!
God Bless

Saturday, October 15, 2005


Seriously Sirius

Hey there! I have bought myself a treat. I took my check for working PRN and I splurged. Now that I have a little commute to and from work, I decided I needed satellite radio. Two good friends have it and both love theirs. One has XM and the other has Sirius. One has baseball and NASCAR and one has football. No contest. FOOTBALL!

BTW, loved Texas Tech's win last Saturday. Interception in the end-zone in the final seconds. My step-dad is over the moon.

However. I've had the radio for one week and there is one problem. I started getting an occasional "aquiring signal" message. Then "antenna not detected". It's getting more and more frequent and more and more irritating. I'm taking it back to the installer today to have it checked out. This is not good. In the troubleshooting section of the instructions it says for those messages, to check the connections first. So that's what I'm going to do. This nonsense is non-negotiable, and unwelcome. It will stop. That sounds harsh, but it's now happening several times in a row every few minutes. Nope. Not acceptable at all.

On the plus side, the deal I got was way good and the installation was free. As long as they fix the problem today (again for free), I will be a very happy camper.

Tomorrow is the double-tech rehearsal and next week starts the dress/final dress rehearsals. We open Friday. Every opening night I always feel we need another week. Yep. Still feel that way!

Bye for now,
God Bless

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Sin City

No, it's not a reflection on my life. I've been too busy for much of that. It's the movie. SIN CITY is supposed to be very, very good. Frank Miller is brilliant. I've had the movie from Netflix for over a week! I want to watch it, I really do, but time is such an issue right now.

I've been working. I've been rehearsing. I've been working PRN. I took a night out to have dinner with a friend. I've had visitors. I haven't watched the movie!!!! And now I have rehearsals tonight and tomorrow. A friend's play is running this weekend and I'll be attending on Friday. I work Saturday. Maybe on Saturday night. Or maybe I'll just collapse and sleep. Sunday is double-tech rehearsals.

THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT. Just a factual accounting of my inability to carve out 2 hours to sit still and watch a movie. Even one I really, really want to see.

No worries, I'll get there.

Ta for now! God Bless.

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Yes Margot, there is a Sandy Claws

The above title is in reference to upcoming holiday, my friend Margot in Vermont who responded to my last post with a comment on lack of baby pix, and of course a shout out to Tim Burton's new movie THE CORPSE BRIDE by using a reference to one of his other films, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. For those of you who got it right away, my apologies for over-explaining.

Also, I am really ready to see the new flick. Also wanting to see PROOF.

Okay. Rehearsals are going both well and poorly, depending on the day and scenes involved. Which means, it's right where it's supposed to be at this stage. Although, I am very, very tired.

Last weekend, I had off and spent with friends. This weekend, my brother Chris is visiting from Raleigh and is currently installed on my couch watching football while I go pick up beer. Just so everyone is aware, I don't drink beer. But don't feel sorry for me, I have a pitcher of "Drunken Monkeys" in my fridge. It's made with cranberry juice, tequila, rum, and triple sec. And just to be ultra clear, I offered to go get him the beer and I also enjoy football and lounging on the couch. It's gonna be a fun weekend and I am so glad to see him. The only difficulty I'm having is deciding where I want to take him to dinner. Chinese or Mexican? I'm thinking Chinese since I so rarely have it anymore. I hope that's what he wants, but it doesn't really matter if he does, that's when I'll bribe him with the beer. See, I'm the eldest egg, he's the scrambled one, then comes David the poached egg, and Michael the devilled egg, and lastly Suzanne, the rotten egg.

EEEp! Suzy reads this blog! Heheheheheheheheheheeeeheheheheheehe!

Love ya baby sis!

Tata and God bless

P.S. Pictures of the baby (and other things) are coming! I promise!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


He's got that new baby smell

After working twelve days straight (oh!) I am finally free to enjoy a weekend! I'm at my friend's house and have been bonding with the new addition to her family. Baby Trey (he's a III). There's trauma here though, Rufus and his girl are going through difficulties and Ru needs shoring up. Eddie's handling the brunt of that, thank goodness. I just love holding Trey. He's two weeks old and so precious! Last week he had some surgery, I won't go into details but it wasn't life threatening and not major, though NOT minor either. He's fine. He's perfect and beautiful. Although I have never seen a child so opposed to having his diaper changed. He hates it! And he makes his protests known. I can't wait til he starts the smiling and giggling stages, it's a bit early for that though.

Eddie's sister is going to be Trey's Godmother. Although I have spoken extensively about this to Trey, and we have both agreed that I will be his Double SECRET Godmother. Mary is so funny though, she and April's sister Candace are waging a campaign to be "the favorite aunt". I hate to tell them. But they've both already lost. I may not be his auntie by birth, but the title will be mine, mine I tell you! (Insert mildly loony laugh here).

Have been too beat to knit lately. Tomorrow night for rehearsals we are going to run ACT I and we have to be off book. For those not in the know, that means no scripts! I'm not ready (insult wailing noise here). Lot of work to do before tomorrow night!

Ah well, have to run off and go over my script.

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