Friday, September 29, 2006



Lola is sick people. Stressed out and sniffling, nausea is taking a toll.

That said, it's all my Aunt's fault.

Not the sinus, or post-nasal drip ... she's in Texas and I'm here in NC, so how can it be her fault? STRESS.

As many of you know, my grandmother, Genie, is 96 years old with congestive heart failure and weak kidneys. She recently had a (successful) surgery to remove an isolated spot of colon cancer. Genie was admitted to a skilled nursing facility for one month of rehab to get her strength back to go home.

Yesterday, I got two messages from my Aunt. "Call as soon as possible". When I talked to her it was "it's bad, it's very very bad". She told me that Genie had a heart "episode" and later told me she'd had a second "heart attack".

Now then. I KNOW my Aunt exaggerates terribly. She believes absolutely in what she says and is not a liar, but always puts things in the worst possible way. I got no sleep whatsoever, expecting a midnight call and an early trip to Houston. This morning, I got so sick and nauseated that I had to stay home. I hardly every stay home people. This is not like me.

I called Genie's room and there was no response. Normally that would mean she's in therapy, but with two heart attacks that's not possible. I'm a therapist, I know. So I called the facility to see if she had been sent out to the hospital or was too medicated to answer the phone in her room. Nope. She was in therapy. They transfered me to the therapy gym and I spoke with her therapist.

Genie had not had two "heart attacks", she had two incidents where her blood pressure was not right, some nausea and tingling in her left hand. So they took immediate action, let her rest and medicated her. Typical behavior for those living with congestive heart failure, a disease that could kill you tomorrow or 10 years from now. She'd had a good night's sleep and felt great. I didn't want to interrupt therapy, but they couldn't have been nicer and put her on the phone.

She sounded terrific. Well rested, happy, and at ease. She loved my flowers and I shouldn't have of course. Michael sent her the loveliest letter and wasn't that so sweet of him? Trish was out buying her new clothes for rehab and she couldn't be nicer. I was so relieved, I cried.

I called everyone with the update. Then I thought to call my Uncle Tommy in Oklahoma. He was on pins and needles as well, having gotten the same calls from the same person. He was so relieved to hear what I had learned, you could really hear it in his voice.

I know better people. My aunt exaggerates situations to the worst possible scenario. But part of me keeps thinking "what if this time she's right?" everytime she calls.

I'm heading to Texas soon, very soon. It all depends on schedules and whether or not I'm offered a new position that I've applied for. More on those things later.

My step-father is in rehab as well, for his knee replacement. He's got good days and then days that he's nothing but a baby and lashing out. He thinks rehab pushes him too far. I want to scream and tell him that a woman three decades older than him is doing better in rehab than he is, but I can't. It wouldn't be productive.

Lola is stressed, but things are going well ... so far. I pray they only get better.

God Bless

Saturday, September 23, 2006


To Julie with great thanks

Well, Lola's back!

It's been a while, but here's what is going on in my life. Grandmother came through surgery but has been battling small (?) things like sinus infections and the such. She's supposed to be discharged today to a skilled nursing facility for rehab. This is the type of work that I do myself. My step-dad had a left knee replacement. He's finding out just how painful these can be, but in the long run it'll be one of the best things he's ever done. He's being dischaged today, to a rehab facility. One in Texas and one in North Carolina. It's been stressful, but things are going well.

Went with friends to see the Broadway South tour of THE LION KING. I've never seen it before and have been wanting to do so, well ... forever it seems like. Mary and Beep have both seen it previously in NY. I loved the first act, while the second dragged for me a bit. Loved Rifiki and Zuzu, a lot! My friends (and I told them I was going to rag on them in this blog), didn't like it nearly as much as the NY performances. Mary was more forgiving though, of the show.

All I can say is: JULIE TAYMOR ROCKS! Love, love, love the costumes. Knew I would like them and was a bit worried that my high expectations would let me down. NOPE. In the opening scene when the giraffes came out on stage, I teared up. Yep. Gorgeous, all of 'em. Can't quite say enough about it, so I'll stop now.

Okay. TREY turned ONE! Pictures of course follow:

Here he is with my gift, I figure at this age something small is fine with a gift check to go into his educational fund. He loved it, but really wanted to play with the box ....
Smile Trey!

Or play in my suitcase! He made a beeline for my suitcase and would crawl back in as soon as you took him out. He even figured out how to open it ... guess this means he wants to come for a visit. Fine with me!
No eating the deoderant!

He was a little unsure of the cake ...
Sugar is a diet staple!

But that didn't last long!
Like a froggy, ferny cabbage ...

But Vickie gave the best (or worst?) gift, ALL the kids wanted to play with it. Trey's cousin Maddie Grace was the most persistant ...

Fun was had by all, Lola included.

God Bless

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Are you ready?


I had the #1 pick in my fantasy league this time around. I decided early to pick a running back for various reasons. The top three: Tomlinson, Johnson and Alexander. I went for who I perceived to be the best, Larry Johnson. The next guy took Alexander and pick number three took..... Culpepper? Huh? New time, old injuries, possible greatness, but at #3? Well, that screwed up Will with pick number four who had to switch his strategy and took Tomlinson.

Will is a newcomer to our group, and unfortunately his first year (last season) he actually won the superbowl. Now he's full of himself. I've won before, but he doesn't see me, a female, as being very bright about football. A long standing joke in our group is that I think Jake Plummer is cute and would choose a quarterback for that alone. It's a JOKE. Will later took Plummer and I groaned aloud and everyone laughed. Except Will. He took it seriously and decided to try and make a trade.

He offered me Frank Gore (very nice RB), Antonio Gates (top rated TE), Steve Smith (excellent WR), and Jake Plummer for Larry Johnson. Great talent in the offering, but consider. If I gave him Johnson he would then have Tomlinson and Johnson, two of the best rated fantasy running backs. It was all I could do not to laugh in his face. I told Andy (my draft pal with his own team and my friend) about the offer and he was shocked. Will told me not to let Andy influence my decision and that was all wrong of Andy. I had to stare at Will. Did he really think me so silly that I did not recognize a bad deal on my own? He did, he really really did.

I then offered a counter trade. I would give him Johnson for Tomlinson AND Gates. He accepted. He then told me I should have stuck with the first deal, it would have benefitted me more. Yes the players offered were nice, but not at the price of cutting my scoring potential by so much and giving him a near unsurmountable team in RB's.

He still thinks I don't know what I'm doing. And I'm smiling and praying that I beat him this year, never mind anyone else, Will must go down in flames. I don't play him this first game though, I play the new guy ... the one who chose Culpepper. Culpepper, who had 262 yards, no TD's and two interceptions in his season opener. I do not wish for any player to be hurt or not do well, but if they have a bad week ... may it be the week they play me.

Pirate Lola

Friday, September 08, 2006


How to spell couture? "CRAP"

Ok people. I did actually like the fabric that Jeffrey used for his so-called couture gown. The fabric. That's it, that is ALL that I liked about it. Michael's did not appeal nor did Laura's (although they are still my faves!). Kayne's dress. I don't know what they were talking about taste. I agreed with the lack of taste on the "elvis" jet-setter outfit - awful! But this dress he did that they called him out on for his poor taste? I liked it. A lot. This may say things about my taste levels, but I calls it as I sees it. Jeffrey sucked, Kayne sparkled, and Uli was robbed.

Low-taste Lola. And why yes, I do live in my own little world. But don't worry so, they know me here.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Crocs Rule!

I have to admit that I don't watch the "Crocodile Hunter" all the time, but every time I did catch the show ... Irwin's enthusiasm caught me. Here was a bloke who believed what he said and lived by it consistently. The world is a little less bright without him.

No, that doesn't do it right. I'm actually surprised at how Irwin's death has grieved me. There's a lot going on in my life right now. Possible job opportunities, grandmother having surgery on the 13th (at 96 no less), a sister in a car accident with an uninsured driver (no one hurt, thank God - literally), lots of work related things going on with new people and such. It's been nuts. I worked last weekend, I work this weekend after a concert with friends on Friday night, visit the folks on Sunday and search for tap shoes for a class I'm taking, a four hour CPR course the hospital is requiring (at least they're paying PRN rates!). Oh, and guilt for not being with grandmother for the surgery. Yet, Steve Irwin's death has really struck home with me. I liked him and didn't even know how much.

Steve, we'll miss you.

Ok. Why I'm not going to visit my grandmother prior to surgery. Simple. She will NEVER let me take care of her. If I visit, and this is the gospel truth, she will "entertain me". She'll worry about if I have enough to do, but only "guest" stuff. She won't let me cook or clean, although she will let me clear the table. Remember, she's 96 and lives alone and still enjoys a full and active life. Sharp as a tack and mean to boot. She is a southern housewife and she is not willing to share that role. If I cook or clean for her, she will follow behind me with her arthritic knees and redo it all. When I was 28 years old she offered me a snack and I accepted a bananna. She then told me how to hold and peel said banana. At 28 years old. Oh, and when a bachelor delivered something to her door, she told him about her cute 22 year old granddaughter, with me in the next room. I laughed and asked her if her memory was slipping, I was something like 26 or 28 at the time. She said no, but "he looked 23, so 22 would be perfect for him".

What this all boils down to is this. My grandmother lives her life and enjoys it tremendously. She has every bit of her mind and her memories. She is not in a nursing home and is very active, if a bit slower to move around than 10 years ago - but then, so am I.

I'm not ready to let her go. Part of me feels I would do her a disservice by visiting and having her worry over me too. But part also feels that if I visit now, I'm saying goodbye. And I can't do that. Not yet, not now. My friends say "but she's 96!". Yeah, and I work daily with the elderly. She beats 'em all. I see people in their 60's worse off than my grandmother, they're done. They've given up trying to walk again and cry because it hurts. It does hurt and it is tough, I see it all the time - some triumph and some don't. But Genie hasn't given up yet and I'm not ready to give her up. Selfish maybe, but it's the truth.

Selfish Lola now says goodnight.

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