Saturday, November 25, 2006


New, or almost!

Well. I have a car payment again. Bah. But I have a new (almost) car! Yeah!

I went looking for a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Hmmph. Didn't know that they'd be this hard to find, apparently they sold well. None on the lot. Buuuut ... they do have three "loaner" cars. 2006 Corolla LE (not the CE I was looking for) and fully loaded with a bit more than I'd been wanting. There was this one with 9,000 miles on it that just drove soooo nicely.

I have never bought a used car before. I was a bit nervous. However, it comes with a certified warrenty that if I'd purchased with a new vehicle would have cost 1500 easily. The LE is more than the CE I was pricing, so I was caught off guard. I'm not so sure I got the best deal, but it looks good so far. I keep telling myself I spent about what I'd thought (on the higher end) and my trade in was for what I'd settle for (the low end) and the payment is a bit more than I had last time (car with lower price and 6 years ago). All in all, I got more bells and whistles that I'm very happy with and I like the car so all is good.

Except it's white. I never, NEVER, never thought I'd ever buy a white car. However I have since learned this color has the highest re-sale value and also hides imperfections better than darker colored cars.

I have a weird car color progression thingy going. I didn't want a color I'd already owned. My first was red (I killed it), my black truck (I loved that truck), and then finally my Focus which was blue. I thought my next would be .... GREEN. But this years greens look (to me) very anemic. So, at least I'm not repeating a car color. And it's growing on me.

Also new? I signed up for a pottery class.

And you-don't-know-who (since I haven't said) finally did call. We have a second dste coming up. Well, Mary knows-who, but then she knows us both. Still not going to say much, no jinxing please.

However, he called while I was home for the holiday. Yes, this means my mother knows ... now. I try to keep these things from her. She gets FAR too happy about it all if you know what I mean. Anyone I date is now my "last best chance" for love (read marriage). She is being good though. She said she wouldn't ask and wouldn't comment (and she hasn't) other than to say this makes her "happy". Well, duh.

Lost a close family friend who although in her 80's was a vibrant, wonderful woman who will be sorely missed. My step-father lost two friends recently, one 103 and not unexpectedly and the other much younger and hugely unexpectedly. They thought it was a heart attack, and his son performed CPR in a vain effort to revive his father. Horribly (and I mean that word to its utmost) it was not a heart attack, it was a virus/infection/bacterial SOMETHING and the son is now in ICU fighting for his life. The family is in shock as you can well image. Prayers are welcome, and very helpful.

And although all that is horrid and sad, the rest of the family is still well ... including Genie. I talked with her today, worried that the strain of the holiday and the excitement of many visitors (four grandsons, two sons and daughters-in-law and various mixtures of extended family and friends) would leave her exhausted once they left. She sounded strong and happy. One of my brothers will be there through the 28th, so that'll help too.

That's all for now,
God Bless,

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Time out

Sorry that it's been a while since my last post.

Let's see, in the recent past:

Grandmother has been discharged home from the nursing facility and is feeling so good she's driving everyone nuts. Although she still fatigues realllly easily, she's just as fiesty as ever.

Charlaine Harris' new book GRAVE SURPRISE is out. Read it. I can't say it's my favorite series, or even my favorite of her series. But I did really enjoy the read.

Read L.T. Fawkes working-man mysteries, all three of them. Only three. I have to ask, will there be any MORE???? I vote yes if that has any bearing on the situation I don't know.

LOST is over until February 7th. WHAT?????? Was this last "fall season finale" supposed to answer any questions? Any at all? Love the show, but you're driving me nuts.

Had a date. Went well. Don't wanna jinx anything, so saying no more.

Godson said my name for the first (and thus far only time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Course he couldn't say it completely, but I'd been trying to get him to say "Co-co" for a while. He finally did! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

And just what have I been doing with my time if not posting or what-have-you?????



I've been through the mines and have completed 7 hunts. It's good, really good so far. Got to go, marks to hunt, gil to plunder, and storylines to unfold ....


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